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Re: turning off xfinity hotspot SSID on home gateway

said by delta4:

Yes under the "My Services & Equipment" page one can click the button and turn it off, which is what I did. But it comes back on within a day or so by itself.
And the separate equipment list with the red heading on the right hand side of the page where the button is does not always load successfully you just have to keep reloading the page multiple times until the equipment list and button finally loads. That's a separate annoyance.

The simple fix would be for Comcast to allow customers to control the configuration of their own gateway locally (including the ability to put them fully into bridge mode if the customer desired to do that) instead of deliberately hiding the controls from customers. But then they would have to give up their total control of the customers network, and I don't see that happening. In fact, I can see the situation being discussed in the thread: »Everyone must go to a Comcast Gateway? actually happening in the foreseeable future (except there won't be an option for anything but a totally Comcast controlled gateway).

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reply to TotalControl
This was posted awhile ago about the user being able to configure bridge mode and such.
said by jlivingood:

said by rseiler:

It's bad enough that a user has to call to get it set in the first place, sometimes having to go through multiple reps to do it. The least you can do is make it permanent until another call is made. Or, the radical option: make it user configurable!

I agree and this is coming soon (likely in the Fall).


Did you try rebooting after turning it off to see what happens?