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Pasadena, MD

Few questions on swapping to a new (non verizon router)

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• Verizon Router - MI424-WR Rev D
• Purchased Router - ASUS RT-N66U
• Current ONT - Coax
• Verizon Fios Triple Play (No DVR), 75/35 Quantum

So I've read the FAQ and will likely use option 6. As far as the Ethernet cable. Should it be rated for outside usage? There would be about 3-4 feet of cable exposed from the ONT to where the Coax is currently traveling into the house.

I purchased the following Cat 6 wire and was planning on running a direct line from the router to my PC but was wondering if i could use it to run from the ONT to the router instead.

What is the likely hood that Verizon would be willing to upgrade our Rev D to a newer model for free? Seems odd to have 75/35 speeds and a router that can get a max of 54Mbps wireless. We had Fios internet (lower speeds) for awhile then purchased the Triple Play. My guess is they didn't change the router when we upgraded. (I wasn't home when they did the install so not positive)

I've attached an image of my ONT and just wanted to confirm that the Ethernet port that says Data and has Mode/Link under it is in fact where I should be hooking it up prior to calling Verizon and telling them I want my internet switched from Coax to Ethernet.



Brooklyn, NY

Not familiar with the Asus router but the Verizon router you have is currently configured to use MoCa (coax). you would have to call Verizon to change your data connection to Ethernet if you want to use cat 5 or cat 6. which connects to that data Rj45 port on your ONT (top of picture) The rev D router you have is a wireless G router. when you upgrade to 75Mbps you should have received a Rev I high speed wireless N router ( Red & Black) Just remember if you reprovision for ethernet connection to your router, you still need coax connection for video (TV) services. Verizon provides the Rev I router for NEW customers 50Mbps and higher and replaces for free 75Mpbs and higher for existing customers.


Gouldsboro, PA
reply to BDS

I would call them up, they will most likely send you a new router to match the speed tier your on


Pasadena, MD

Thanks I'll give them a call on Monday.

Any suggestions on the Cat 6 wire I have? Is it usable from the ONT to the router. Not sure if it is rated for outside use, guessing no since I didn't see anything about it.