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Topeka, KS

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Uverse connection problems since 1st weekend of August

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Good Afternoon,

keep losing connection. Here is a screenprint of the latest Uvrealtime.

I am wondering if my package speed decreased and then my connection didnt get reconfigured? I seem to have alot of times with bit percentage over 100%.

Dallas, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
You have a terrible SN margin for 2,700 feet. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you might have a bridgetap somewhere on your line. The severe Bitload dropoff from 2.5-3.5MHz is not good. What is your inside wiring connection from the NID to your modem? Assuming that is a direct CAT5 connection, AT&T should send a line tech to come condition the outside line.
Scott, CCIE #14618 Routing & Switching


Topeka, KS
The line from the pole to the house, and the cable run on the house are 2 years old. Cable goes around the side of the house, through the wall and directly into the modem.


Att should replace your lines. Seems like everyone has trouble with these old copper lines.


Michigan, US
reply to Ripley7
Wow, your entire upper frequency block is completely missing. There is a very serious problem on your line. ATT needs to roll a truck on this one and get someone on site to see what is going on.

Tv service or internet only?
Internet only the 3600 would not have support that distance thus the 3801 installed.

At this distance 2700 feet there s no download 2 band, this is a result of signal loss over copper distane.
Look at inid bit loads around 2600-3200 feet see the same thing.

Ok so what has hapoened?
I suspect you have been on a 19M profile the past years, if internet only 12 M or less or tv service and this is an MDU install would not have qualified for iNID thus single pair install on 19 profile versus bonded 25 profile.

Notice uvrealtime does not even acknowledge the existence of 19 M thus recommends no service or not eligible for service.

Even on 19M need 20% headroom (roughly 24 raw notice your max rate at 23140, coupled with low SN 9.3
So what to do, try contact TS to have lines checked yes but should request to be considered for bond pair install with 589 RG if tv service or 5031 RG ($100 purchase) if internet only single pair as ATT wants to eliminated below 25M profiles.

For bonded pair RG 589....
This requires two ports be avaiable at VRAD, two f2 ports to terminal, double pair drop to house, two protector in NID, new or newer cat5 wiring (cannot be coax diplexer install), new rj14 jack wired for double pair.