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Columbus, OH
reply to LBL

Re: Comcast VS WOW speeds - just switched

WTF is everyone talking about here???

WTH is "upgraded EDGE service" with respect to WOW?

Resident Duh-Huh Member

Panama City, FL

Panama City is in a Knology area that WOW just took over. Edge is/was the Knology 25Mbps tier which was $15 a month more here. WOW is a hot mess here right now. They seem to offer speeds (50Mbps) that they don't have here yet. Comcast does. Speeds are varying wildly at times and one of the first things WOW did here is drop usenet but sent me a bill telling all my services were the same as I had with Knology - NOT!

We are still using the Knology portal to pay bills & check service. It has just been rebranded with the WOW logos and my bill still states the "edge" speed tier.

I hope that answers your WTF & WTH concerns... or you could have asked politely without the web cursing.
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Panama City, FL
reply to adam1991

Well I assumed it was a tier. 25Mbit didn't make any sense to me, nor did the $10 a month as I was told 25 was $30 today. I didn't ask if that was bits or mbps

Like I said - Wow seems to hide their information for some reason so I have little to go on. The Customer Service Rep didn't even agree with was is posted from the W.O.W. FAQ's Advertised Speeds here.

I can't even find out what the different tiers are for Wow.

Oh, I live in Panama City Beach if that makes any difference. It wouldn't recognize that when I registered.