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Vonage to office network - multiple lines - NID question

I've read all the available information regarding the connecting vonage lines to your existing infrastructure, essentially I think I understand that you disconnect the telco service at the NID and then use the vonage box to power your lines instead.
I have:
2 DSL/fax CC# lines
3 main business phone lines that currently roll over via telco settings
6 business phones with the 3 lines ported to each via the existing building infrastructure.

The NID box looks like the flying spaghetti monster threw up in there. What I'd like to do to keep things simple, is disconnect the service from the telco side of the NID, and run a line from the vonage box directly to the telco side of the NID. This way wiring inside the building doesn't change, and I don't have to figure out how to split up wiring in the wall outlets so that each vonage line plays nice with the multi line phones. The phones use 1 wire to the jack for 2 lines, so to separate these inside the building to have the vonage box power the lines would be annoying and involve more wiring than might otherwise be necesseary.

So, will this work? Can I run a line directly from each phone line at the telco side of the NID to the vonage box, and have the vonage box power each line within the building? I can't figure out why it wouldn't, but I thought I'd ask. Telco has 4 wires going to each line on their side of the NID, whereas on my side of the NID there's a bajillion wires from the building network stubbed out in there. Can I disconnect telco and connect vonage there?

Thanks so much for any help



Based on your confused description of your telco wiring and equipment, it is my suggestion that you hire a communications tech to do your business telephone wiring. I suspect that if you put a screwdriver or pliers inside your NID you will have a major disaster that will cost you more than if you hire a competent tech in the first place.



Thanks. All the work has currently been done by phone techs. I was just trying to find out if there was any difference between having vonage power the lines through the wall jack as described in the end user written tutorials or tying in at the box itself. There seem to be a ton of ways to accomplish this.

Farmington, MI

Electrically, no, there shouldn't be any difference. But disconnecting the incoming POTS utility wiring from the building is critical to making the whole thing work, so it will be necessary to do some work in the NID.