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Buying a new SB6121

I'm thinking to buy an SB6121 from newegg.ca. The Start website says the modem has to have the firmware version to work with Start.

If I'm right, the version is fairly new, as Rogers only recently started pushing it to the network, so there's a good chance that ones that are being sold now were manufactured before that version was released.

How do I know if the one I'm getting has the version before placing the order? If I get one with a different firmware version, will I have to return it?

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I wouldn't recommend that modem unless the deal was insanely good. i'd shop for a DCM475/476 which supports more channels. you'll never be able to get faster speeds than 45/4 with that modem likely, and if you were ever interested in Start 10Mbit upload plans you'd need a modem that can do 8 downstream channels.

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It will almost certainly come with either or However, there is a reasonably good chance Rogers will be pushing the firmware for long enough that you will get upgraded once you subscribe to an account.

You will absolutely for sure get better speeds than 45/4 on it eventually, it maxes out at something around 75/10. For now 45/4 is the fastest package that is available for that modem. That said, $85 is not that good a price for a 4 channel modem that does not have official firmware.

If you search Amazon you'll find the DCM476 for $60 USD. As an 8 channel modem it supports all packages that are available today, but it will not be compatible with any future higher speeds (well, possibly a little higher on the upload). Nonetheless, it is the fastest available at this time. The Amazon unit will have the wrong firmware, and you have to bring it in from the US, but the price can't be beat anywhere, even for used.

For the record, I have SB6120 for $75, taxes included. Mine are used, but guaranteed for a year (or more, ask for details ), and they have the correct firmware. Frankly that isn't such a super fantastic price either, but I have no inventory, so I can't do any better at this time.


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I wish I had read these forums before I decided to switch to start from rogers and buy an SB6121 - I bought the same modem as you are describing from newegg.ca, and I can confirm that it does come with Not sure what I'm going to do with it now, maybe just try to return it and cancel the transfer.

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