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Warner Robins, GA
·Cox HSI

Verizon, DSL, POTS, and Cell Phones

The FCC royally screwed up the conversion from analog cell phones to digital.
The analog phones (for a sometimes hefty fee) were usable on multiple carriers.
The FCC allowed incompatible digital services to compete with each other, resulting in
serious compatibility problems and incomplete coverage. With multiple capability
cell phones that are capable (if allowed) to work on multiple networks, it's time that the FCC
forced resolution of the interoperability problems.

I also believe that a minimum performance standard must be enacted, since the cell phone providers seem to
grossly over state things to entice new customers.

Pots, etc. are extremely expensive to maintain. Replacing pots with the same or preferably better service makes sense.
At the same time, the old regulations applicable to pots need to be changed, and applied to whatever replaces pots.