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[ONT] Distance from ONT to Actiontec

I am in a marina on a boat. The Verizon FIOS service is going to terminate in a house at the head of the pier. Each pier tenant is going to have to contract to have cabling run to their boat slip. This house has AC power available. Is it possible to place the ONT & BBU in the house and run coax the distance to the boat slips? This would be up to 500 feet of coax from the ONT to the boats (were the Actiontec box would be). Would we also need POTS wire to run to the boat if we wanted phone service from the ONT too? Would it be possible to run more than one boat off of a single ONT and still have internet in each boat? Any thoughts on this type of installation would be appreciated. Especially if there is a way to minimize the number of coax cables we would have to run and still retain internet and TV service and the ability to use STBs in each boat.

Northport, NY
That's not going to work. 500' is way too far.
Your best option is to have a reasonably weather proof shelter at the head end of the pier.
Have the fiber run brought to that and install the ONT / BBU there.
This will also need to be a business account.
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West Chester, PA
reply to BreakerTug
Your best bet is to call VZ and request that engineering recommend a solution.

VZ is not going to install a single SFU ONT to service all the boats. Each boat would be a separate account with VZ.

There are MDU ONTs that might be appropriate, but at 500 feet you might be exceeding the acceptable loss for coax. That distance also precludes running cat5 from from a central ONT (328 feet max). Not sure about the max distance for VDSL.

VZ might recommend installing fiber to each boat with a small ONT in each boat. The problem I see with this approach is a quick disconnect for the fiber between the dock and the boat.
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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to BreakerTug
I have seen MDU in Manhattan that may come close to 500' (maybe not) but they use VDSL, so that is probably what they would recommend. Since it is VDSL one can use weatherproof phone cable pairs to provide services and you could get the 3-play. VDSL can certainly go over 500' if the lines are clean. Marine environments are not friendly to copper though, so we are talking marine grade.

Unless there is a threshold met (signups) VZ probably wouldn't do it.

Alternatively, if that didn't work out you could always do wireless for just network. TV can always be dealt w/ a dish. One of my buddies was just showing me this mobile Dish setup last week on his boat called the tailgater. I think it's stupid and intended for parties in Ralph Wilson stadium, but it works like a champ. Phone, if they can afford a big boat, they can afford a cell phone.

Also if you nix the phone, you dont need the BBU, and I would look at a decent UPS instead.


Colleyville, TX
reply to BreakerTug
You can run Power over Ethernet (POE) to another Ethernet switch that takes its power from POE at a halfway point down the pier and then from there to the rest of the slips. The halfway point switch must be less than 300 ft from the house. Obviously installed in a weather proof enclosure. But, this will be internet only, no TV. If you want phone service, use VOIP over the internet connection.