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[Southeast] DSL disconnects

In the third year of DSL disconnects with no solution still. AT&T acknowledge these disconnects take place. During this time I have had a 2wire Westell, Netgear, Motorola modems, rewiring, 15 technicians who say they can find no problems, the latest was corroded wiring. The disconnects goes in cycles, it will possibly be up and ok for a week or so and then back to disconnects. Any suggestions for tests or a way forward? Why don't I change ISP, I don't have choices.


Pikeville, KY
ive had the same problem for about a year now. disconnects are random. might go a week with none and then all the sudden i get 10 or more per day. att cant figure out what it is. technicians that come out to fix it cant find anything wrong. ive been on 3 of their modems, 2 netgears from staples and an actiontec from amazon.com & all experience the same issue. today my dsl started acting up again after nearly 10 days of stable connections. i hate to get cable as its more expensive but my neighbors that have it say its very stable and never out. ive just about had it with att.