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Columbus, OH

WOW Cant Honor Their Word

Canceled WOW during 30 day guarantee period, was told by rep there would be no bill due to canceling within 30 days. (I got a bill regardless for the next month)

Returned Equipment via mail using the box WOW mailed me. (Their idea, not mine)

WOW! sends a tech to disconnect me without any notice, I inform tech of this when he showed up, he leaves not doing anything.

Called WOW the week of 8/12 to ask why I'm still being billed, was told a supervisor needed to look into the call and would call me back. (they have never called back)

Called just now today 8/19 @ 11:30am and told the rep why I was calling and that I was making one more effort before I contact the Ohio Attorney General, at first he couldn't pull it up using the phone number on the account, so I gave him the account number, he pulls it up and then mysteriously the phone call ends/he hangs up on me.

Thus far you've done everything possible to ensure we will never return to your company.

Jim Kirk

Why did you cancel? Just curious.


Columbus, OH

We had internet only, the routing was effecting my gaming, even on the 50/5 package.