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Re: Bhell and smell of desperation

said by jmck:

said by dmitry_tek:

said by TOPDAWG:

oh yeah good eye well then as a student this plan is forking great if you ask me.

Not really. Most students take more than 2 semesters of education. Where would they go after 8 months? It makes more sense to just go with one of the resellers from the start.

they go back home with their parents. these types of deals are targeted to the ones who are only living on their own for 8 months.

Those who only study for 8 months are tiny percentage of all students. Most people go for full 2-3(college), 4+(university) years. I am pretty sure those are targeted at those who are planning to use their internet for more than 8 months. They lure you in with "low" prices and then charge you like crazy after 8 months.

Also, when I was in school most people just rented apartments on the campus that 99.99% of the time included the fast internet connection + many campuses have wifi mesh networks.

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the ones living with their parents already have internet access tho. this is just a promo that's targeting university kids that live on their own for the 8 months.

Bell isn't the only one doing this, Rogers has the same 8 month promo, and they end in the summer when most are on summer vacation.

In Ottawa there used to be Edunet (maybe still around?) which was an organization that went around looking for a special university/college plan which only lasted 8 months, after that it went to the regular rate.

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These seem to be standard student plans, but the least 'nice' that I have seen...

Yes 8 months, September to May, 4 months off during the summmer, and then a new promo the next fall.

One year at a time... Bell won't know who is going to be a student next year, or the year after that
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