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Danville, NH

Blast Plus...TLC MIA

Hey guys,

I've been arguing with CC all week about a station I love being suddenly unavailable... I've had TLC since I started this new package (and new account) in March, without warning it stopped working. No news on my bill..I called in and one woman told me she needed to remap my system because the channel was coming up as encrypted and I should be getting it so she sent a refresh signal and told me to try in an hour. No luck...The second time I called I got a woman "Who has been working there for 13 years" and knows I should have never gotten the channel in the first place. I tried to explain to her that I thought I had noted this in the channel guide from day one... Conveniently enough my "channel guide" for my area skips from channel 32- some shopping network to 95- C-span...Not mentioning the questioned channel (or plenty of others I have) at all...any one know if I should still be getting this channel or if it was indeed a mistake?

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James Creek, PA
reply to mslizzypoo

Re: Blast Plus...TLC MIA

If you are not an extended or starer digital (at min) customer, you should of never had the channel to start with, and since they are all encrypted now, you won't get it unless you subscribe to one of those tiers and have a set top box


Lafayette, CO
reply to mslizzypoo

I have Blast Plus and never had TLC with it.

Looking at my channel lineup on the Comcast website, TLC is not included with Digital Economy in my area.


Lancaster, PA
reply to mslizzypoo

TLC has not been part of economy. With encyption, and gating, many people were getting chanels that have not been part of their line-up. It's frustrating, but for a while, you were getting something that you were not supposed to, nor were you getting charged for it.