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Prince George, BC

telus and 3 stbs

I currently have telus optik and am moving to a new place. the new house has a basement suite. currently i am running a ipn330hd and a cis430. when i move to the new place there will be someone in the basement... will they be able to use their own cis430 on the same subscription and record their own shows or will they have to have a ipn330hd also and pull off the main pvr? also is their better equipment available these days i have had this for a couple years. thanks


Calgary, AB

Any additional 430s added to an account will act like a 330 and record to the main 430. Some people have had difficulty activating additional 430's though, as people were just buying 2+ when they were on sale for $50 (a 330 was $100 at the same time). If the box was previously activated and/or you explain that it belongs to a roommate they *should* activate it for you.


Prince George, BC

ok so i might as well save my money and just get a 330. thanks


Edmonton AB
reply to levi1923

If you're renting out the basement suite you may also want to block pay-per-view and any VOD that costs money. They will also have access to all your recordings too. It's simpler to just have them get their own connection / TV. I'd assume if they are living there already they'll have some internet or TV of their own.



As well if you do that, you may want to consider what you record, as the tenants would be able to access your, ahem, adult biological movies. As well, they'd be able to record whatever they wanted on your PVR, so if you really hate *insert show name here* they may be able to put it on there.

And no, there's no way to isolate just that one box from accessing the recordings or creating any, short of disabling all PVR capability.
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