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[Speed Issues] airport extreme + Cisco DPC3008

Troubleshooting issues with Netflix streaming and have a question.

Getting normal speed tests (30mb) but Netflix tech says their servers only seeing 1.2mb. He suggested taking the Airport Extreme out of the loop.

Speed tests are the same directly connected to the Cisco, but one quick test did seem to show that Netflix was happier (streaming HD) when I was connected straight to the modem instead of going through the Airport.

I'm looking for advice or setup tips for using an Airport Extreme with my Charter modem. Thought the airport should be in bridge mode but then I was getting no internet at all. But the computers connected to the airport are showing DNS servers of 192.xx or 10.xx, instead of real DNS names - should that matter?



Holmen, WI

I have the same problem with Netflix, DPC3008 and Airport Exterme. I bought a cheap Linksys E1200 router from WalMart last night and my Netflix works great now. I think Charter pushed out a modem firmware update about a month ago and messed up something with the way the modem talks to the Airport Extreme.



weird, will see if I can get another wifi router to test with.