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Whitby, ON
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TekSavvy Disconnects and Start

The last 2 months, TSI has been nothing short of a nightmare of disconnections, modem reboots and lag. However each time calling into TSI we have to go through the same song and dance. Nothing has changed here.

I'm debating switching from TSI to Start, however I'm wondering if all ATPIA's are experiencing the same issues with Rogers (e.r. "red" if you wish).

I'm on the AJAX POI, and it's gotten to be enough. It strikes me as odd that Incumbents can build multi-billion dollar networks, yet can't figure out where these problems come from.

So, is Start also experiencing the problems that TSI is in terms of lag, and random disconnections in AJAX?


I never seen any thread here about any issues TSI is facing (knock on wood), so, i doubt that START is having any issues that TSI customers are reporting.

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East York, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed
reply to camelot
It depends where the issue is. IF it is within the ROGERS side the the network, it wouldn't matter who you have.. the issue will still exist.

If it's on the TSI side, or something Rogers has setup for just TSI, then you shouldn't have any issues over with Start. I think it's false, to say 100% you would not experience issues. It all depends where the issue is.

Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to camelot
RF Signal issues would be experienced with Rogers retail and all third party's in a given area that's affected...

The likely reason you're seeing so much about RF/Signal issues about TSI is because they have a LOT more customers and a user base that knows about DSLR.

However the slow speed issues and DHCP related issues are somewhat isolated to them, likely due to Rogers incompetence and possible due to not enough IP's in the pools, and when Rogers splits nodes or does other things that require new IP's, things take a turn for the worse...

DHCP Leases are typically 1 week, and when there is some major work in an area and htey need to reassign, there are a lot of people stuck without an IP to grab. Granted this is all managed by Rogers so its out of TSI's or any other ISP's hand.

TSI is in a rather unique situation vs Start, is because they had individual POI connections, and IP pools dedicated to each POI. But with the switching to aggregated system over hte past few months it has been hard on them, likely due to shortage of IP pools and rogers management of those pools.

Start has been on aggregated on Rogers network from the start, so they've avoided these issues by default.

Not making excuses here, just an explanation.


Ajax, ON
reply to camelot
I'm on the Ajax POI. I moved from Rogers to Start on Monday. No issues so far and speeds seem to be a bit higher on Start. I'm on the 45/4 plan.


Mississauga, ON
Looking to jump ship as well. it's a frigging mess on teksavvy..

Liking what I'm reading about Start.


Toronto, ON
Me too.. The last few months have been horrible to say the least. I've given them the benefit of the doubt and waited for a resolution, but issues just keeps piling on. Start is looking very attractive to me now, even though I'll be paying $10 more it'll be well worth it if I'll be able to stay online and have a little piece of mind that when I want to use the internet, I will be able to.