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Wallingford, KY

[Network] Just a joke

Where should I start....Oh! I know. High Attenuation, High Ping, extremely low download and upload speed, changing SNR margins, flawed customer support. I am a gamer by heart and by mind, and if one thing pisses me off the most is latency or Internet delay. Windstream must be infamous for this because they've told me it's a tier 2 issue with a dslam unit in my area correct? I'm from Wallingford, Ky, and I'm basically semi-pro if you'd call it that, and I've emailed, talked via phone, and online conversed with representatives. They've all said that your problem will be resolved by June 30th. Okay?!!!! It's August now....I literally think Windstream hires incompetent and disloyal staff just to enrage customers. Our networking equipment out here is old, and they're supposed to replace it. However, they just lie and keep stalling time until people get to the brink of becoming murderous by law. The connection itself is horrible from 10am to 1 am next morning. So basically, to run online games with my friends over xbox, I have to stay up from 2am to 6am just to receive a "stable" connection. Complete and utter nonsense and garbage. Then, they tell me the problem is from their end and not mine. I've messed around with my router/modem combo too much to find out that there's nothing wrong with it, but to find out it's the ISP themselves. I would love to receive my full 3mb and 1mb upload consistently, then I would be happy. Windstream has much potential, but they need to work harder and faster to compete with other top flighting ISPs like TWC or comcast. Until then, Windstream is completely in-denial since they think their service is ideal. There is much bloodlust and hate in this post beyond comprehensive terms.


Pennellville, NY
They don't have to compete with TWC (or any cable companies for that matter) because their business relies solely on zero-competition areas. I've never heard of your town, but I imagine if you had a choice by now you would have switched ISPs. The only competition they have in most areas are satellite internet providers.

You're in the same boat as everyone else on this forum. Nobody comes here to give a rave review about how amazing Windstream is. Check out some of the other threads here (specifically the ones with speed tests), and sign the Change.org petition. I used to play WoW with a top 100 US raiding guild but had to quit because of the inconsistency of the Windstream connection here. I have 3Mbps too, but rarely see 1, so yeah. That took care of that hobby.


Wallingford, KY
It's just to the point of just beating their faces in until the bone is exposed.:)

Grinnell, IA
reply to rjp087
For me i live in a college town of 10,000 people and we do have a choice 12Mb Windstream or this

said by IowaMan:

For me i live in a college town of 10,000 people and we do have a choice 12Mb Windstream or this

And to think if Iowa Telecom had not sold out to Windstream, you would probably have FTTH right now.


Sanford, NC
reply to IowaMan
said by IowaMan:

For me i live in a college town of 10,000 people and we do have a choice 12Mb Windstream or this [att=1]

One day I had a dream that Windstream stopped ripping everyone off and fixed their network. Unfortunately, I had that dream at a friend's house and I woke up to his Charter Com speedtest result on the screen. For a minute, I thought that I was still dreaming.

I'm just asking for 3meg. I would even be ok with it dropping to 2 sometimes. But us fools can't even load Amazon's site or anything at certain times.


Wallingford, KY
Same here. They need to seriously get their brains implanted back into their vague skulls. So stupid.!!!!

Fairfield, IA
I believe the saying goes :When they went through the line when the angels were passing out the brains, they though they said trains and replied No Thanks I don't need any