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[DSL] Bell "Pattern Matching" - How long does it take?

I have been having horrible speeds and high pings at the first hop past my modem for just over 3 weeks now during peak time only. You can check my line monitor in the Teksavvy group to see the very high pings and packet loss during this time frame.

Posts to the direct form have landed lengthy scripts of tests that don't reflect the problem at hand with techs that didn't even bother to read my full response with results. It's one thing to ask for excessive tests but another to ask for them and not even bother to look a them fully. In one case they asked for a test that I just posted but didn't bother to look at - instead they asked me for it again.

So far they narrowed it down to capacity issues with Bells equipment - funny that is what I originally said when I opened the ticket. 3 weeks later and I have to continually post asking for updates - why cannot someone reply when they receive an update from bell? Its not like I opened a ticket for fun, I simply want the issue fixed and timely updates from Teksavvy.

All ranting aside on the current level of customer service. Based on previous experience here on the forms how long does bell's "pattern matching" usually take? Should I get ready for a long wait or should it have already been fixed. I asked for an ETA in the direct form but my question was simply ignored.

TSI Andre
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Chatham, ON

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Re: [DSL] Bell "Pattern Matching" - How long does it t

If you have been told that a ticket is in pattern match, it can take anywhere from weeks to a year. I know this sounds crazy however whenever an issue like this is presented, Bell will add it to their list of areas to "upgrade" which means essentially they need to perform splits to alleviate congestion (usually need to buy more equipment).

The priority/urgency is regulated by how many subscribers are affected/complaining in that area. That being said, if you have any neighbours complaining which they should be, have them open up tickets.

Once we have a master, we can pepper them with update requests
TSI Andre
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Ottawa, ON
i'm assuming you've tried the test@test account and done ping tests there too? is that affected also?


reply to TSI Andre

Line Monitor
Yes, I have done ping tests on the test account and it is affected there also. Essentially there is very high pings & packet loss at the first hop past my modem.

The above is a picture of my line monitor and essentially my 6meg connection becomes less than 1meg at best during the times with elevated pings which is most of the day. This is despite my line being nice and clean while syncing fine (last up time before the issues started occurring was ~54days without a re-sync as it is on a ups). At 4am this morning I was getting sub 20ms pings to Google and speed-tests ~5.5Megs over my wireless, but come midday / evening it goes to crap.

Unfortunately for me based upon the responses so far I will be stuck with this pathetic connection as Teksavvy seems unwilling to push for any updates from bell. An example of this is after bell responded to my original ticket saying that they will be doing pattern matching no one told me this - I had to ask over a week later in my direct form thread to get an update. Is it that hard to keep the customer in the loop and update them in a timely manner on vendor updates to tickets? Why couldn't someone from Teksavvy update the direct thread, send an email, leave a telephone message, etc... sometime within that week? A customer shouldn't have to keep pressing to get updates. I identified the problem for you in my original direct post, did all the requested (and some unnecessary) testing, had to push for a ticket to be opened with Bell, and now I have to continually to get updates on the Bell ticket. This does not give one the impression that Teksavvy wants to / is working to resolve the issue.

As you can see from my history I have been a long time customer with 3 currently active internet connections and phone from Teksavvy but with the new speed issues on cable and now this speed issue on my DSL paired with the lack of follow up on Teksavvy's part it is very frustrating to say the least.

So far it seems pretty clear where the problem is on my DSL connection but no action has been taken to resolve it nor has an estimate been given as to when it may be fixed. At least I now have an estimate of up to a year before a fix, after 3 weeks of back and forth, but I would appreciate if someone could look further into my issue to provide an update to my direct ticket with a timeline that is specific to my case.