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Romney, WV

[DSL] 2 NID's? What would be better?

Okay, i got 2 NID's one on a pole thats right next to my house and I live in the country part and Frontier barley comes back here at all and etc. It's my NID by the way it looks and etc. Frontier tech went to the pole on the NID and said its 10,000 feet of wire from the pole to the back of my house? and I know that is wrong, its not even 100+ to the NID on the back of my house, i was going to put the splitter and all on the NID on the pole and run wire from that NID, to my house? With Cat5e wire and etc. This a good or bad thing? Also, On the same wire cat5e could i just use one pair for DSL and another for voice? Also, when he measured the distance. The NID on the pole was 20,102 feet and on the back of my house was like 25+ so i want to get better signal and etc. Would this work to help or what?>


Century, FL
Looks good from what I've read. I would think your frontier tech means 10,000 from your sub station, as I am about 18,000 from mine with decent service and a repeater installed half way through. And yes I also use cat 5 for my voice and internet
on same cable.


Romney, WV
Okay, i'm trying to out now, here is my stats
1344 192
Margin (dB) 12.5 25.0
Line Attenuation (dB) 68.9 31.5
Transmit Power (dBm) 17.1 12.1
FEC Errors 0 0
HEC Errors 15 0
CRC Errors 18 0

now when hooked up to the NID on the back of my house, the noise margin goes to 13.5-14. my line attenuation goes down to 68.2 to around 67.5 or up to what it is now, but for some reason is just seems like when I wire it up on the pole NID everything runs smoother? like going to webpages and etc? maybe because my repeater is old or what? what should i do?


go with the one that works the best.