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Westerville, OH

So Long WOW

I've been happy customer for while, but couple months ago started getting severe packet loss. Numerous calls and about 6 inside techs to house and nothing fixed.

Last guy came found the packet loss outside, said would schedule followup with line techs to diagnose everything in neighborhood. But he forgot to open the ticket, now being told they have to send yet another tech to diagnose first.

So tired of this, not sure how they survive with this level of incompetency. Only saving grace has been Dan helping where he could, but I'm done.

Good luck to all of you, Dan thanks for all the help.


Columbus, OH
They don't have to send another tech. They just need to open that ticket, using the information that the *first* tech put into your account when he closed out his call that day.

But *you* need to speak up and tell them that.

Resident Duh-Huh Member

Panama City, FL
Why does the OP need to speakup to tell them that? Should they not KNOW their job? The OP says "now being told they have to send yet another tech to diagnose first."
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goober22s right. It is crazy for a customer to have to tell a company how to troubleshot an issue.

Body Count

Columbus, OH
reply to ldpitts
I too had issues of techs "forgetting" to open tickets when they came out. Had issues with the line at the pole. Had two techs out to test it.. both said the main line was bad and another crew would be out to repair.

Well nothing happened. When i asked about it when calling in, they had no knowledge of it.

My TV still works but the signal levels are weak meaning I can't split the signal anymore or I lose picture and/or sound.


Westerville, OH
reply to ldpitts
Oh trust me I've complained. In fact they rolled two trucks to house last night after my last call with them. No knock on door, nothing, just saw them walking to side of house.

Started putting my shoes on and trying to get off phone with work, was maybe 5-7 min, and by time i got outside they were gone. I figured maybe they went up the line to check something else.

This morning I get call and girl saying techs fixed it at 5:35pm last night, which was when they were at my house, and need to have another inside tech come Saturday to confirm it's working correctly. Which it isn't!!!!

If the line techs had took 2 min to knock on door to ask, I could have shown them the ping plotter results showing packet loss all the way up to their own hubs.

So now my Saturday schedule is screwed up cause I have to wait around for them to show up again just to peek over my shoulder to see what they could find by simple test at the NID. No offer of discount, etc...just "Well if this time isn't convient you can reschdule, next avail appt is Monday from 8-noon."

I've been a systems engineer and working on computers and networks for 25+ years now. If I my performance was anything like these guys I would have been fired long ago.


Naperville, IL
reply to ldpitts
How do you check for packet loss?


Westerville, OH
smokeping and pingplotter (to speedtest.wowway.com)


Naperville, IL
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Westland, MI
reply to clocks11
totally agree, this should not be the responsibility of the customer to inform the ISP that they have a packet loss issue.

I ended up on WOW back 7 years or so ago as I had a massive ongoing debacle with Comcast over packet loss. While I liked the Comcast product, service was truly atrocious. WOW has served me much better since making the swap.

And when the Comcast rep comes to the door and I say "i'm not interested, regardless of the # of channels or how low of a price you can offer", that usually makes them turn around and walk away right on the spot.


Should probably consolidate the packetloss stuff in this thread:
»broadband outage for berea oh

I intend to bump that thing every day there's packetloss. (And I am a damn sight more qualified than WOW's supposed network engineers.)


Westerville, OH
reply to ldpitts
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Latest update... they sent maintenance out Monday, who replaced tap and didn't see packet loss out of 4000 packets sent and closed case.

Got a call today to see if problem is all resolved, but I'm still seeing packet loss out on network.

I indicated I"m seeing it out on network 3rd hop and on intermittently, and who can escalate to within their NIOC?

Was told, "I don't know and they monitor it, if I'm not happy with what has been done, nothing else they can do for me." in essence... "tired of you, go find new ISP. "

This is what they call fixed:

Cleveland, OH
reply to ldpitts
I'm in the same boat. WOW is coming out tomorrow to figure out why I have random disconnects all day long. They said it was the modem, so I drove to their office and picked one up. Less than 2 mins go by and it happens again.

I'm about done with them. I work from home so I can't be having vpn disconnecting and reconnecting all day long.