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1024 bit Router Cert Obsolete/Disallowed Status

According to the article, 1024 bit RSA certs become "disallowed" at years end.

The Actiontec MI424 Gen 2 Rev. F only has a 1024 bit RSA certificate. So will Frontier (and Verizon too) be upgrading these routers or certs?

»Gmail to offer RSA 2048-bit SSL


"So the fuss about 1024-bit RSA keys is that they too, like AES or similar keys below 112 bits, will become "disallowed" at the end of the year."

"... in 2014, RSA key sizes are required to grow by 100% (1024 to 2048 bits), and in 2031 by 50% (2048 to 3072 bits)."

Also the commands to change the certificate fails with a 2048 or larger cert do to command line length limitation.

So how can we install our own larger 2048 bit certs?

Install Own Cert and Private Key into Actiontec MI424-WR
»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »How do I install my own cert and private key into the Actiontec MI424-WR?

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