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Irmo, SC

You guys need glasses...

Because you're short sighted as shit.

Satellite TV is the way to go Sunday Ticket?? How many ppl do you think have satellite TV? You know there are many other options, right? Being on Dish / Direct is a LIMITING factor.

Many more devices have the ability to go to YouTube. We're talking phones, tablets, & laptops...oh AND TV's.

Also, you guys try and compare D* satellite numbers to yahoo subscription numbers, which is completely irrelevant. If they came out tomorrow and said that the NFL was going to be on YouTube....those numbers would shoot so high, you could see it from Alpha Centauri.

Capacity and ability to deliver are legitimate concerns, and I would hope Google would prepare enough beef to be able to handle the load. They've got more than enough money to make this happen, if the deal can be made...though, as someone pointed out, the networks are not going to let it go easily, but IF IT COULD BE MADE, this would be a very smart move on the part of the NFL. This gets you into more peoples faces than TV ever could.

Also, this would bring all the cord cutters in droves! The ONLY, and I mean ONLY reason we keep cable is college football and NFL. If there were a way I could get those legit and in HD without hassle, I'd be all over it.

This is the future...NFL needs to hop on this train and carry it forward. Google and NFL would BOTH benefit if they did.
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