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Re: [TV] Rogers tries to nail me with $50 Technician Install Fee

I'm just writing cause I see you are on a bulk cable agreement through your condo. I'm sortof in the same boat. I moved into a seniors residence beginning of August/13 and was receiving the DigitalPlus channels sans digital box for about 7/10 days (using remote only). Then the channels 'disappeared' and I contacted the super who told me to set up a 'sub' account with Rogers to get the extra channels. I went to a Rogers store and the rep called it in to set up the tech and was told the residence was billed under 'bulk' and ONLY the person whose named appeared on the billing could get boxes.?! When I returned to my building, I talked to some of the residents and they told me they just called Rogers and a tech came out and that they are paying extra for the extra channels. The Rep at the Rogers store told me the building was receiving Digital Plus cable, so I don't understand why these people are paying extra? The other residents suggested I call Rogers and have a tech come out, but now I am a little leary of the whole process and not sure what to do!!??

Fed Up

Hi FedUp2, if you are under a bulk cable agreement it would normally include at least one standard definition cable box per unit or the building did not negotiate a very good agreement. Rogers normally requires a sub-account for these so that each owner is responsible to return the set top box . As for the Digital to Analog adapters for other TV's in the unit, they should be free as long as you have a sub account because again they want traceability so they get returned.

As we don't use anything over and above what is included in the bulk agreement I did not even know what our account number was and had to call in to find out. I then had to be added to the account as it was in my wifes name. I would call in to Rogers again to determine if you have a sub-account or not and if not, set one up. Then pick up your needed number of boxes at a Rogers Plus store (avoid having a technician come out - $50 from Robbers unless absolutely needed)