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A Nonymous


[Cable TV] QAM channels messed up in 62966

This started sometime yesterday (Friday, August 23) and is still going on.

1. 84.3, WSIL-HD: This is supposed to be HD widescreen, but it's coming through in SD and 4:3 centercut.

2. 78.3/78.4, WSIU-DT2 & DT3: These channels are flipped (DT2 is supposed to be on 78.3 & DT3 is supposed to be 78.4, but what's coming through the line is DT2 on 78.4 & DT3 on 78.3).

3. 83.7, KFVS-DT3, is completely gone.
When you check the channel lineup for this area, you'll see it says KFVS-DT3 is on 83.6. However, since the last big channel rearrangement here in late 2012, KFVS-DT2 (CW/MeTV) has been on 83.6 and DT3 (weather) has been on 83.7. DT2 is still on 83.6, but DT3 on 83.7 is gone.

I switched the TV to the OTA antenna, and see that all of these stations are broadcasting the correct signals over the air.
I don't have any kind of cable box, just TV & computer with QAM tuners, so I don't know what's showing up for people with boxes. And yes, I have tried rescanning, twice, and get the same results.

Please fix this.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

I am not seeing any similar reports of these issue in your area. If you would like to message me with your account information, I will be happy to dig deeper into this to find out what is going on.


Marion, IL
I sent a PM to 'Chad' last night about WSIL. He reported he 'checked the feed at the headend and it looks good.'
I'm using a TiVo with a cable card but checked OTA and am seeing no issues there.
Not sure how my message isn't a 'report' of an issue. I have sent word to the station. We'll see who actually is to blame.

A Nonymous

reply to A Nonymous
I listed the 3 issues in order of how important I consider them, so of course, you fix the least important one first.
KFVS-DT3 is back on QAM channel 83.7. Thank you.
(83.6 is gone, but I can live with that, since it just duplicated another channel and was probably never supposed to be there in the first place)

The other issues are still there: WSIL on channel 84.3 is still SD and 78.3/78.4 are still flipped.
I don't expect a resolution on a Sunday, but it would be nice to come home from work on Monday evening and have these channels back the way they're supposed to be.


Marion, IL
Word from WSIL is that they've been in contact with Mediacom and there was some equipment issues and they hope to have it fixed by the end of the day.

A Nonymous

WSIL is back in HD.
The WSIU subchannels are still flipped, but I can put up with it while they work out their equipment issues. Thanks, kwbelt1, for the update.