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Hamilton, ON
·TekSavvy DSL

WIP - Network/Bandwidth Monitor

Hello All!

This may very well be the first post I started here at DSLReports, wish me luck!

I wanted to "show off" and gauge interest in an app I wrote/am writing for myself. It takes the idea of CapSavvy to the next level as well as fixes a small bug in the code.

It currently has the following features:

• Real-time bandwidth monitoring for both directions (currently only pfsense is supported/tested) (with ranges for alerting [low/med/high/omfwtf!@#!])
• Provider usage stats monitoring (currently only teksavvy is supported)
• Clock (why not?)
• Ping stats monitoring with 3 ranges
• Router status (uptime, total xfer in/out)
• PfTop output (currently configured to show current connections sorted by speed)

Right now just about everything is either hard coded (very little) or configured in the VS designer (I am designing the monitors as a standalone library). However if there is enough interest I could start to flesh out a more interactive and configurable GUI.

Let me know what you all think, should I just keep it to myself, or should I move towards a public release, open source of course...

Here's an up to date screenshot of the app so far.