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Anaheim, CA

[ActionTec] ActionTec Verizon GT784WN-VZ-1.1.6 dyndns

Hoping someone can help me with this.
I have Verizon DSL using this modem/router combination. Verizon supplies me with a dynamic ip using DHCP. I need to be able to access my network remotely and require dyndns option on the router. I found this thread which described my situation exactly. I have the /bin/ddnsd but not running, I have /webs/ddnsadd.html but the option appear to be hidden.

»[ActionTec] Actiontec GT784WN and DDNS (busybox linux)

I followed in instruction and entered "ddns dyndns" command at the telnet > prompt, but it didn't do anything on my modem. ddns doesn't show up on my modem's GUI. Any help would be appreciated.

My modem shows:
BusyBox v1.00 (2012.02.08-08:31+0000)
Built-in commands:
. : break cd continue eval exec exit export help login newgrp
read readonly set shift times trap umask wait [ busybox cat chmod
cp date deluser df dmesg echo expr false flash_eraseall ftpget
ifconfig init insmod kill killall klogd linuxrc ln logger logread
ls mkdir mknod mount msh nc pidof ping ping6 ps pwd reboot rm
rmmod route sendarp sh sleep sort sysinfo syslogd test tftp tftpd
top traceroute true tty umount vconfig wget


Bellevue, WA

I have the generic version of the GT784WN I bought from best-buy, not the one with the Verizon firmware. It shows the DDNS setting on the Advanced Setup page at the bottom of the list of settings on the left hand side under the security header.
The settings page has the URL » so you could try logging into your modem, and navigating directly to the DDNs setting page if verizon hasn't removed it.

Failing that, I'd contact Verizon and ask them since they're supporting the modem.


Anaheim, CA

Thank you for your suggestion. I'll give it a try when I'm at that location again and respond back.