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WNR3500L blocks incoming ipv6 traffic?

I have a WNR3500L v1 and I'm on Comcast home service (i.e. not business class). I am running a server using port 8911, and I can access it on my local network via the global ipv6 address - which matches the address I see if I visit a site like »whatismyv6.com/ .

When I try to probe it with »www.subnetonline.com/pages/ipv6-···nner.php , 8911 is reported as offline/unreachable.

I have port forwarding set up on the router, and when I try to scan the appropriate port with the router's ipv4, the port is open.

This makes me think that the router is blocking ports on ipv6 addresses; I didn't think that was supposed to happen. Suggestions?

OpenWRT, Tomato, etc are possibilities, but I'd like to avoid the hassle of flashing and reconfiguring the router if I can.