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Round Rock, TX

NVG589 and DD-WRT Router. How do I get them to work?

Let me start of by apologizing. Apparently the 589 is some glorious piece of equipment that some of you desperately desire. I'm still clueless as to why. On Friday I switched from TW RR to Uverse. I have been given a brand new Moto NVG589 gateway. My DD-WRT router was plugged into the back and nothing happens. I've gone into the firewall section and put it on fixed passthrough with the MAC address of my WAN port on the router. That gives me very limited internet through it. (By limited, I mean, it takes forever for some pages to load- and forget multiple tabs open) I've seen people mention bridge mode, but I'm not sure how to get it into bridge mode and if I need to adjust the settings on the router.

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Los Angeles, CA

I think since the NVG589 has a true bridge mode, you just switch it to the bridge mode and it should work. Also I think you may have to adjust the IP of the router to to since the default IP on the RG is

here is a quick guide on ATT forum that maybe helpful: »forums.att.com/t5/Features-and-H···/3552057

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reply to eptreyg

Based on the description of IP addresses given by SAMSAMHA See Profile, I would recommend changing the LAN IP address of the DD-WRT router away from the subnet. Many routers balk at IP addresses in the same subnet on both sides of NAT.

I used to recommend 192.168.n.1 for the router; where "n" is at least "2", up to "255" (the max decimal value for any dotted segment of an IPv4 IP address).
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