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Good montreal ISPs? and Bravo-Telecom feedback

I was with distributel for 2 years on their old 5 MB connection. They called me to tell me that they had better connections now for the same price (7 MB) now and that I should look to upgrade. I finally decided to get their FTTN 10/1 MB connection »distributel.ca/fr-QC/Internet_il···_FTTN_10

I called them on July 26, they sent a Bell technician on august 8 (13 days later) - he told me everything worked perfectly and that I had to call distributel to activate my service in the next couple of hours. My only phone is the one provided by distributel so I had no phone to call them but I managed. They ask me to wait in line til the next available technician picks up so I wait...and wait...and wait until my phone's batteries died. Next day I charged my phone to full and waited in line with the phone in my ear for 8 hours before hanging up furious. I went saturday (the next day) to their building in montreal by car and one of them came out to talk to me and explained me that it was bell's fault and not theirs and that within 2 days they will 100% solve the issue. 2 days still no internet (OR PHONE!) So I wait in line with the phone on my ear for several hours during the next 2 days, never got someone to reply. I then went to their website and tried to communicate with them with their chatting service which was much faster. I talked to them once and they told me that tomorrow it should work. Next day, still not working I talk to them again, they till me once more that "tomorrow" it will work. Still nothing 3rd day, I talk to them again to cancel my service with distributel. I look at many different internet providers wich are in the same price range/speed and offer unlimited download.

At first colbanet looked good but after reading some reviews their speed/stability is really poor depending on your location. I decided to check out Bravo Telecom. »www.bravotelecom.com/fr-CA/resid···tiel.php I went to their office in person on august 17 and it's a REALLY small company. The person guaranteed me that their advertisement are real (stable 15 MB speed, stable phone, no interruptions, no limits etc). He also told me that the earlier available date for the videotron technician to come was on sept 9 which is A LONG TIME but he told me that he would make arrangements for him to come somewhere around sept 2-4th (which is next week). I already paid their activation fee of 45$ but as time goes by I get more and more worried about this company. There is absolutely no positive reviews (or actually no reviews AT ALL) about them. So in approx 1 week from now they will come install the internet but the modem costs 75$ and router another 60$ and if they don't keep their promess (unstable speeds, disconnecting internet/phone etc) I would have lost a shit load of money and time, I'm just getting really worried.

TLDR: I'm looking for feedback from anyone who is currently with bravo telecom or suggestions/advise on trying it out or trying some other company? Has to be same price range (not more than 10-20$ higher), unlimited at all times, 10-20 MB down speeds, stable.

Nepean, ON
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I've never heard of Bravo Telecom, however take a look at »electronicbox.net/, they have a good reputation and the CEO is active on the forum.
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I have but I'm looking for something slightly cheaper...if I make a comparison:

Electronicbox: 10MB/1.5 MB unlimited costs 57$

Distributel: 10MB/1.5 MB unlimited costs 52$

gemstelecom: 10MB/1.5 MB unlimited costs 50$

Bravo-telecom: 10MB/1.5 MB unlimited costs 42$
Bravo-telecom: 15MB/10 MB unlimited costs 47$

Ofcourse I'm leaving distributel but the reason I'm leaving isn't because they don't give you what you pay for, I just had a real bad experience after 2 years of good service with them. I'm looking for a replacement that is the same price or cheaper ideally, that's why I'm looking for suggestions or feedback on companies like gemstelecom or bravo-telecom or any other that is similar to hose.