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'Excessive Residential' FiOS users...

fixed that.

He admits, he was on business FiOS previously, but made a valid point that "when Fios 300 came out for residential, the price drop didn't come to similar for business users"...

Since he runs servers, no brainer for FiOS to flag him... I would have tried that too!

I don't think I even get close to a TB/month... wait make that 300MB/month...


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said by cableties:

I don't think I even get close to a TB/month... wait make that 300MB/month...

I don't know, maybe if you could bring that down to 150MB/month, that sounds a little excessive in my opinion.


Rumson, NJ
I agree that when FiOS advertises their services as "unlimited", they def well should be. However, I also can see the argument that 77TB is excessive.. For Residential, NOT Business. 77TB IMO, is conceivable.

Some say that FiOS has a Soft Cap of 10TB, then you are on their radar. OK. I can see that, IF you are Residential. BUT , advertise as "Unlimited"... and you better well should be. Especially if one is running a pure Fiber base company End to End. Plus with the new 500Gbps speed, and 1Gbps. Google and FiOS , for example.

Now, 10TB today can be excessive. I Know that I use anywhere between 150GB and 200GB in my home. But, i do not have 5 kids in the house anymore. I am sure that would be so much higher, if I did.

Now the point I am trying to come to: 10TB in today's form of streaming is rather high for everyday use, given one is using the service legitly, which I bet a lot are.

However, I believe in 5 years or so, maybe sooner... that Soft Cap might go to 20TB because people will be streaming 4k / Ultra High Def in their homes. Like how Netflix says within a year, they will be UHD streaming ready with House of Cards, etc. Plus with the Sony Media Server, and others out there, Data Caps will be def tested soon.

Also, with the decline in prices of UHD TV Sets, who knows how much they will be in that time frame. Seiki's $1000 Set, comes to mind. And this is just the 1st year of this tech.

So, I do not want to get into an argument with what I just said. This is just My Opinion of the future of "Data Caps", Soft Caps, how people might use UHD media, etc.