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[DSL] No ports in Box!!

So I decided to cut the cord and move off of Bell's high priced services.

On August 10, I called Bell and discontinued my internet and television. I then called TekSavvy and activated service with them for September 11.

I also then ported my phone service to another provider. The provider contacted Bell, and Bell approved the number port, with an effective date of August. 19th.

On August 19th, the phone service ported over and was available via the new provider and life is good, all services chugging along.

On August 22nd, all hell breaks loose!

Internet service dead, Television service dead.

I call Bell, they troubleshoot and tell me that there is no dry-loop on the line (even though they told me they would take care of that when the number ported over since I continue to have internet and tv service).

The next day, the dry loop number is assigned, and still no service. They arrange a tech to come out on Saturday.

On Saturday, the tech calls and says some other tech disconnected my service and gave my high speed ports to another customer on the street!! He says he'll put an order in, and we should be back up on Sunday.

On Sunday I call and am told they will send someone out on Monday.

This morning I get a call from L3 support inquiring if my service is working again. I thought maybe the tech had already come out and fixed the issue. Issue is not resolved (modem not syncing). He then says, "oh, the order is still pending!"

He escalates to his boss, who has now said a tech will be out tomorrow to reconnect the service.

I am worried that this will not be possible given that there is no room left in the box.

I am also worried that this will happen all over again on September 11 when TekSavvy is supposed to take over the service. Does TekSavvy need to request a new dry-loop, or do they use the existing one?

SOOOOO Frustrated right now...


Scarborough, ON
As far as I know, the current dry loop can be used, but all the Bell services need to be disconnected before the day when the Teksavvy service will be activated.


reply to razorpointer
scenario 1 :
you will likely have strange and mysterious issues which will inevitably take weeks and result in never ending frustration and delays.
scenario 2:
everything will magically start working on 9/11.
i suggest getting a backup internet connection regardless. no one can predict the future and teksavvy will manage the dry loop on their own (from bhell who will naturally try to mess around with it).


Any suggestions for backup internet connection - I was thinking a rocket/turbo stick might be a short term option...


Mississauga, ON
reply to razorpointer
Just to understand, when you say "contacted Bell and discontinued my internet and television" ... is your Internet still working with Bell? When is your disconnect date with Bell for Internet?

Are you currently on Bell Fibe plans, i.e. Fibe 25 (i.e. VDSL)? For TS to have the order go through, Bell needs to see a disconnect order at the time the order is submitted. Since the disconnect is from Bell chances are it should be fine. You should contact TS to make sure your order is still good and not rejected.

My migration was a bit challenging but the day of, everything went smooth. I was going from Primus to TS with Bell as the middleman.

I just used my phone to tether for the ~2 hr I was down.


"contact Bell and discontinued my Internet and television" - I contacted them on August 10th and cancelled the services effective September 10th (because you have to give them 30 days notice). So I have paid for the services until September 10th. It was all working until mysteriously on August 22 when a tech saw fit to disconnect my lines and give my high speed ports in the box to someone else on my street (confirmed by another Bell tech).

I'm on a Fibe 25 plan - I've been down for 5 days... going on 6