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[Southwest] Coworker at a remote site has ATT dsl, new routing i

We have a FTTP internet connection here with a static IP address from a local provider. We have a coworker who lives a state away who telecommutes. They have a ATT home DSL connection. We have two Juniper SSG firewalls, a 140 at the main site, and a 5 at the coworkers site.

Earlier today, the VPN connection stopped working all of a sudden. At first we thought it was an issue with the Juniper(s) due to the fact that each could still access other sites on the internet.

After troubleshooting, we found that the issue is that there is no connectivity to their specific IP address from our main site. Doing a tracert from my computer to their IP address maxes out the number of hops. The traffic seems to stay on level3's network, and bounces between their routers in denver and dallas.

On the other end, if I try and tracert from their computer to our static IP address, we get a "ttl expired in transit" error.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?


Cookeville, TN

Re: [Southwest] Coworker at a remote site has ATT dsl, new routi

I suspect the home DSL has changed IP address values on you. That would allow them to still contact you but your end would not be able to find them using just their old IP address.

Are you using a DDNS service in a router at the home site? If you are then set up your VPN to use the assigned DDNS URL and not the actual IP address. That way if/when his provider changes the IP address the DDNS will/should update and the URL will point to the new IP address and things keep working.

As to why their tracert times out when going to your end, has it ever worked? Your companies firewall/hardware might be set to not respond to pings and the like.

If tracert's used to work from the home site to the host then it's time for the home end to complain to customer service so they can start the procedure to find out where the internet link is broken.

Good luck getting help from the ISP until you can work your way up to a qualified 2nd or 3rd level tech as most 1st level tech's don't stray far from the script starting with "Power everything off." and going on from there. Sometimes they even remember to tell you to power things back on before the phone connection goes away...

It's remote but I have run into cases where the "fixed" IP was actually changed on us. We complained and was able to get the IP address back, The tech told us his records showed our address and been reassigned to a new account in another state. We got our IP back after the tech deleted the new accounts' routing and assigned them to a different IP.

Thanks for the response.

The problem actually went away on its own (unfortunately after I had already spent over 4 hours working on it).

The IP didn't change, and we don't use DDNS, so Im not quite sure what happened.

I know what you mean about tech support. I was dreading having to call ATT, but luckily I didnt have to.