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Beware of Distributel Customer Service

My fiancée and I moved into a new home in April. I spent weeks reading up on different internet service providers because I wanted the best service for my money. It came down to Distributel, Teksavvy and Rogers. After all my research, I decided on Distributel even though I read many complaints about their customer service... But I figured I would never have to deal with Customer Service if the actual Internet service was good.
I ordered the connection weeks in advance so we would have Internet the moment we got the keys to our first home. I decided to base everything on our Internet Service, we use VoIP for our home phone, we use Netflix and other streaming services for TV, I've setup a Nest thermostat incorporated into our home automation system and even our security system and cameras are accessed over the Internet.

Everything was running fine until 2 weeks ago when I noticed we had no Internet. I didn't pay too much attention because outages happen.
The next morning while I was getting ready for a wedding our Internet was still down so I figured I would call to see what was up, and when I did I got the usual "Higher than usual call volume" message so I left my number... 2 hrs later I get called back while on my way to the wedding.

I asked the CRS about the outage and after taking my info I'm put back on hold for 10 mins...

He comes back and tells me my service has been canceled!!
I ask him what he's talking about and he informs me that a month or 2 back I asked to have my auto-payment taken from a different account, but there was an issue so I had to have the auto payment put back on the original credit card that had been paying my account for MONTHS BEFORE WITHOUT A PROBLEM.

He continues to tell me that when this all happened, somehow someone at Distributel forgot to reattach my credit card to my account and now my service had been canceled.

I was in complete shock that this could happen and argued with him for answers but eventually I just gave up trying to understand and told him to just turn my service back on....

At this time he tells me,
no problem, he'll have someone call me to schedule a reconnection at my home in about 10 days.
I was stunned!
"What?!? You mean to tell me that someone came to my house and physically disconnected my Internet without any notice? And now I'm expected to not only go 10 more days without Internet BUT I'm supposed to take time off from work to wait for a technician?!?!?"

The CSR's answer was "Yes"!!!

After arguing some more, I finally just asked for a supervisor.... I get put on hold and promptly hung up on...

Not being able to deal with anymore since I was now in a church parking lot I just gave up.

For the next few days, starting Monday August 19, my fiancée and I separately called and every time we spoke to a level 1 CSR and then asked for a level 2 or 3 we got hung up on. Only twice out of maybe 8 calls did we talk to a "supervisor" and both times no one offered any help. And really how is it that I'm supposed to trust a company with my Internet when they can't manage their own phone systems?

I completely understand that the fault is not solely Distributel's. I know that Rogers is to blame for this too because everyone is at the mercy of their technicians. I've had to sit around many times waiting on them in the past and that was one of the reasons I refused to use them as my ISP or any service they provide, as well as their ridiculous prices for those services. Unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do because they own the lines, so only they can connect us. But, I wouldn't be dealing with any of this if Distributel had just contacted me in the first place when a payment was missed, especially since my account was previously in good standing, and maybe I wouldn't be so upset had Distributel had some competent employees who didn't argue back and actually tried to fix the problem instead of just apologizing or getting defensive.

Distributel should have a contingency plan in place to deal with things like this. A front of the line deal that gets people back on track as soon as possible. Especially since this was 100% their mistake, they should be FIGHTING to keep me.

We're in the process of planning a wedding and honeymoon and this has really thrown a wrench in our planning. We've had to resort to tethering our cellphones just so we can get things done and that would be fine if it weren't for the astronomical cellular data costs we have to pay in overages.

I'm a techy person so I have many people that value my opinion when it comes down to these things. In the few months that I have been with Distributel, I have convinced 4 households to sign up. Now I regret that because I fear they too will one day have to deal with customer service when something happens.

I have already contacted Teksavvy and they can have me up and running a full week before Distributel. Why is that? Do they have a better deal with Rogers? Did I make the wrong choice? I did see the complaints about Distributel's poor customer service but I chose to ignore them. And now I'm paying for it. Honestly though, I'm really turned off by all these internet cable companies because they all depend on Rogers so in the end I might just settle for slower DSL (and I'm not talking about Distributel's DSL) or Fiber.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the (lack of) customer service I have received from Distributel and sincerely wish that I had paid more attention to the negative feedback I had read about the company before signing up with them. I hope my experience will help others when they too do their research. Distributel when working is fine, but god forbid you ever have to call them.... I for one will be putting more importance on customer service as opposed to getting a song or buffering a movie a couple of seconds faster.

And as a side note, there is a campaign currently running on radio and TV by the big Canadian telecoms crying about how UN-Canadian it is to let an American telecom (Verizon) come into Canada to "steal" our jobs and "piggy back" off our infrastructure... This is exactly what these monsters need, Some real competition, unfortunately nothing will change because they WILL be piggy backing off the big Canadian companies, so again we're all at their mercy. As for stealing jobs... Which? The ones Rogers and Bell outsource? What bull.

A dissatisfied and fed up customer



You would think they would suspend your account for none payment and reactivate you once the bill is paid ...


London, ON
·TekSavvy Cable

There's no suspension method for TPIA's because regardless port access fees and CBB costs are paid. Which is why I believe most IISPs have a pretty hard line stance of closing out an account if it goes beyond 1 month delinquency and there's no valid pre-auth payment info.

Of course this doesn't change the fact that issue was caused by a Distributel agent confusing the OP's accounts.


Ottawa, ON
reply to nels2

10 days is the standard, and out of Distributel's control - Dtel has no way of 'suspending' cable internet service, and as a reseller, they need to pay Rogers. If they waive/discount the recon fee, they are fighting for you.


reply to nels2

they did something very similar to me, unfortunately i wrote about it in the new boards and I can't say I'm ready yet for that..anyway... what sucks is that I got to know them before they turned into that when they first appeared in Qc and they were just fine then...