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Burlington, ON
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reply to sbrook

Re: Fraser Institute Weighs In - to the benefit of you know who!

I agree with the general premise of the argument.

Either lift foreign ownership restrictions on all carriers or have he same limits for everyone (including who can bid on what spectrum).

I'm not sure a company like Verizon is the answer.

Either way, it's the Canadian way to gripe but do nothing about it. In the most populated regions of the country there are competitors with good prices, however people seem afraid and stick to the big 3.

Bob Dole

You are right that there is other options, even in my hole of a 10th largest metro area in Canada. Problem here...same as in Montreal really...if your phone line sucks, you cannot get a DSL connection that is worth it like tekksavvy's 25/10 and my time with Distributel was filled with incompetent tech service (also billing service, seems like they aren't interested in getting paid either). Tekksavvy seems to be the TPIA that has the best rating out there but their cable service is the same for me as distributel same price etc., it was too late, I was already with distributel...i could only get the 6mbps dsl with tekksavvy because the building where I lived had crappy phone lines...but bell told me different (not that I would ever go with Bell..eww). So I'm back with Videotron...they seem like a lesser evil of the big 3 even though they are supposed to be just like Rogers or something. I'm glad Rogers never put their hands on videotron although it is my understanding they basically function the same way ?

I have a lot of friends who are people who want power when they deal with internet. He's lucky enough to live in Gatineau where he can get Acanac's cable tv so he can get both their tv and internet. It's not that much of a problem, but the 2 years I was on distributel was exactly for the reason anyone moves to them : unlimited internet, so i could download as much as I wanted. Then everything disappeared on the internet, thank fuck I managed to now be part of the private tracker torrents business. Now that i'm back with videotron for reasons beyond my control, i'm really happy, cos nobody except them and tekksavvy offers a decent upload speed. It reminds me of when I first got with Videotron cable internet back in 1999...you had to buy the modem (400 dollars) but then it was 29,95 a month and a fully symmetric 18/18 connection...Somehow nothing came close to this again. Progress right?