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Re: [Cable] ridiculous wait time to get modem provisioned

I am in the same boat but have been waiting since August 19. I am a brand new customer just switching over from Rogers and they came to my home on August 19.

Unfortunately, the first modem was a lemon (no lights) so I got another one the same day and asked Teksavvy to put in the Rogers provision request. Teksavvy support has subsequently verified that the modem should be configured correctly and all points to the fact that the only problem is that it needs to be provisioned to work.

It is sad that I have yet to download 1 bit of data as a Teksavvy customer but am already contemplating leaving.

I now regret choosing Teksavvy and I think I will leave Teksavvy if I do not have internet by Thursday. My patience has run thin. I am self-employed and need the internet to work from home in the evenings. I have been tethering using my cell phone but the connection is seriously slow.

TSI Jonathan
Hi Ichen,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience so far. Can you PM me your account information? TSI Jonathan See Profile I would like to look into your account and see where we are standing. Do you know if there was any escalation placed on your account yet? Let's see if I can help speed things up on our vendors side.

thank you,

TSI Jonathan
Online Experience Manager
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.