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ISDN service

I am replying to this thread... »ISDN service ... It wouldn't let me sign in to that account and it won't let me reply from this account.

cramer - My wife is a pharmacy tech and she is being stationed their because it is a small marine base. Thanks for the information about Frontier and Schat. I will look into that although I believe I contacted them once and they seemed oblivious.

I know ISDN isn't faster than satellite, but it's the reliability that I am seeking from it. I have heard so many bad things about satelite internet, like, contacting them alone for any reason takes forever. They are extremely unreliable. You never get the speeds they guarantee and the limit cap they have is 20-30 gb which is much lower than what I use. I currently average around 125gb a month. If I were to get Satellite, it would need to be unlimited and I can't seem to find that.

Wingless60 - thanks for the reply. I just looked into Millenicom and I see the service you are referring to and it looks like they also have unlimited options. Do you know anything about the unlimited plans? is it really unlimtied?