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Internet and Phone modem on same line

Is it possible to run both a phone modem and the internet modem off of one line? Just using a cable splitter?



Yes, but you do need to factor in splitter loss of -3.5 db on both the forward and return. The perfered option would be to Converge the phone modem and use it for both voice and data.



Converge the phone modem? How would I accomplish that?



So I just talked to a person at Charter who was VERY helpful. Did not know they had anyone who spoke complete English. But he was able to explain several things. I can put both modems on one line with a splitter, and because I have brand new coax lines and the high speed internet, the dp loss is expect to be minimal.

Now I need to figure out my router situation. As my current one does not like the new set up.


Madison, WI
reply to MBstupid

Hi. I too am a touch confused by the replies to your question.

I just got charter internet. I did not order cable tv service, just internet.

The tech came out, he installed a new coax from the pole on the other side of the yard to the dblock on the side of the house. Brand new run.

The run from the Dblock to where my modem is, is also brand new, quad shield RG6.

The modem installed was a Motorola and I'm currently getting nearly 60 megs down and 4 up. It's super fast.

Because the tech simply plugged the cable into a port up at the top of the pole, i thought that maybe I'd also get the basic cable channels, like the locals.

I took a 2 way splitter 0 -2150mgh and split the main cable run in the basement. 1 leg went to the modem, the other to my TV.

NEITHER worked. Even the modem stopped working.

I tried a different splitter, a more basic, cheap 5 way splitter and the same thing happened. Nothing to the tv and nothing to the modem.

At the very least, should i not have gotten a signal on my modem?

Is there something built into Charter's signal now days that if it detects a splitter, then nothing gets past?

I would not think so, but then again, i have not had cable anything (TV, phone, internet) in more than 15 years. So it's been a long time.

All i can say is this... the cabling from the very top of the pole out in the yard all the way to the modem is literally brand new. The only "splice" is on the dblock on the side of the house.

I did read in an older posting from 2011 that someone has this same issue and it was the grounding block within the DBLOCK on the side of their house. Replaced it and all was good.

When the tech was here installing the cable, he did use the old connector inside the gray Dblock on the side of the house. I'm "guessing" it was grounded and/or working because he did nothing with it. Just connected the 2 ends of the cable and that was that.

I'm supposed to get 30 megs down and 5 up. I get nearly 60 megs down and 4 plus up.

With those speeds, could it be a low signal issue?

What does a grounding block look like? IS there anything in particular I'm looking for, inside the Dblock?

Am i using the wrong splitters?





He didn't simply plug it into the tap port on the pole. All video channels will be blocked if he did the job correctly so you have no need for a splitter.


reply to MBstupid

MB your phone MTA is a data modem also, that is why it has a ethernet port, it just needs to be provisioned in the billing system.


reply to terster

Tester, you are asking people to help you commit a crime. If you want TV services please call and order if you need free go get an antenna.