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North York, ON

Considering to move from cable to DSL due to ping delay

My cable connection is good for download, but not for web surfing, especially, in the evening, some sites never loads. I'm wondering if any Techsavvy DSL user has the same issue.

I have 3 internet connections, one from home Techsavvy cable, one my work, Bell, and another at my wife's business location, Rogers business cable. The funny thing is that for downloads or speedtests, Techsavvy cable is the fastest. However, at home only, the Youtube is choppy, and some of the sites loads slowly or never. I tried ping or tracert, and the time were ridiculously slow. Even when my torrent was working 500-900Kbps (I set/change the limit), some sites have ping 80ms, and one of the sites in China has 280ms ping time. Ping to google.ca is average 13ms. I tried DNS flush, no help.

I don't know if it is the cabel issue or Techsavvy in general. If it's not just cable, I should be looking another companly. I don't need the max speed to be 30-40mbps, but I need the web pages open in 5-15 seconds.


Orleans, ON

Were your torrents running at the same time as browsing the web and watching youtube?

Torrents can make your internet connection seem completely useless. Even if you set the program to limit the usage/speed it won't help.

Only something like Tomato firmware with QoS enabled and configured correctly on your router will allow you to use your internet connection for any time-dependent tasks while downloading torrents.


North York, ON

I understand that much, but thanks for the suggestion. For example, yesterday evening (no torrent is running, I actually rebooted the PC), I tried more than 20 times to go to a website, all failed, pinged about 250-300ms. Today, I tried it from my business connection, the same site and same time frame, got it right away. Tried 3 more times, all worked. It seems that packet loss is too much. I'm in North York area.



I had the same issues.
Here I have been resolving it:
call to Teksavvy and ask to check line state from their side and check ping.
got 12 steps from Teksavvy and response about check-up from their side.
step 8 was a solution - changed modem and voila! got the same result as should for my plan.

small tip:
try get internet from smartphone in that time you got slow ping on a particular site.
if Teksavvy said for instance all is OK, and you got pretty immediate response from your smartphone,
usually it means hardware failure on user side.


reply to dysfl

I just switched back from cable to dsl, and found vdsl much much more 'snappy' in loading pages. yes, cable had faster speedtests thanks to boost, but overall, my ping is lower and pages load faster (just a overall feel). Also, the 10mbps upload is a huge plus.