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Toronto, ON
reply to oceros

Re: [Cable] ridiculous wait time to get modem provisioned

said by oceros:

the '3 days' thing isn't when you should wait around. tsi provides that as availability for you but rogers needs to respond and confirm, and tsi would call you to tell you ahead of time when the rogers tech would show up.

no reason to wait around on any of those 12 days unless someone called to say a tech is actually coming on a specific day/time. it's still terrible how much time has gone by for you but if you are waiting around at home that's just needlessly compounding the frustration on your end.

My girlfriend stayed home for her install dates earlier this month because no one at Teksavvy told her that those dates were tentative. She called in and said no one from Rogers came, and they apologized for not telling her they were tentative. They gave her a new set of 3 install dates, but never called her to confirm any of them. She left the house, and Rogers came while she was gone. (Her move date was the 1st. She cancelled her install yesterday after nearly a month of trying to get set up. I honestly regret having ever recommended TSI.)

So you kind of do have to wait at home because Teksavvy is dropping the ball all over the place.



I also have the same problem. My old modem was out of date and I was told that if I bought a new one, I'd have to wait 48 hours to have it provisioned. Fast forward to 12 days and multiple support calls later (with Teksavvy's tremendously long hold times, naturally) and still nothing—still Teksavvy agents telling me "we're getting no response, there's nothing we can do." That's not an excuse, and if I don't get service within the next day or two I will be cancelling and heading elsewhere. It's unfortunate because I support Teksavvy and don't want to have to crawl back to Rogers (which is undoubtedly what their strategy is by seemingly refusing to provision new modems), but at the end of the day if Teksavvy doesn't have a good enough relationship with Rogers to provide people with the services they are paying for, it's not worth being a customer. Sad state of affairs, really.


London, ON

The kicker is that I am still being sent a bill for almost 2 months of no service, and I am asked to pay it and they will credit me once it's working... which feels like I am being ripped off