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Shreveport, LA

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[Connectivity] Wireless connection drops every couple minutes

I have had Comcast for a couple years now, I recently moved to a new residence and I transferred my service. Comcast advised that I needed a new modem with docsis 3.0 in order to get the fastest speeds. I WAS using a motorola sb5101 modem and a Netgear wireless router WNDR3400-100NAS N600, and I never had connection issues.

Comcast sent out a UBEE ddm3513 modem, and I continued to use my wireless router. I got everything setup just fine, I had a laptop and a desktop which both connect wirelessly. I started to notice though the connection would just drop and then reconnect, I knew this because my desktop PC would make a noise on a successful connect. I watched the desktop and when it lost connection I checked the laptop and it was also disconnected. The lights on both the router and the modem were all lit up as if everything was fine. I ended up hooking the laptop up to the modem via ethernet cable and the connection was fine.

Figured it was the router since I have had it for a couple years and was wanting a new one anyways. I bought a Netgear WNDR3700v4, hooked it all up again and I am still having the connection issues. Any ideas on what else to check? I also changed the wireless on the router from auto to channel 6.

Update: Well, I stayed connected long enough to look at the logs in the router, noticed DOS attack, that can't be good...screenshot at the top


Carlisle, PA

Re: [Connectivity] Wireless connection drops every couple minute

It sounds like it could be an interference issue. If the router located near a cordless phone basestation or other wireless device that could interfere. I would also download inssider. It is free and it will tell you what channels are free.



reply to zzthejimzz

If you are having wireless problems with your own wireless router and clients, this is in no way a Comcast problem.

This site has a »Wireless Networking forum and a »Netgear forum. Either one of those forums would be a better venue for troubleshooting wireless connections problems with a Netgear router.

However, my advice would be to use either the operating system or the wireless NIC vendor's network scan/monitor utility to see what channels are in use at your location, and try to find a free channel that you can use. And if you are using the 2.4ghz WiFi frequencies, there are also many other devices besides WiFi access points and routers that can interfere with your WiFi connectivity.

I would not pay much attention to the DoS attack messages in your router's firewall log; most consumer grade routers are notorious for using "the sky is falling" descriptions for normal network activity.


Shreveport, LA

Even though I rebooted the modem and the router multiple times, it seemed to do the trick this time. I turned off everything, laptop, desktop, router and modem as well as removed the coaxial from the modem. Waited awhile and started turning each item on and connection has been great.

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Let's lock this one since you are continuing in Wireless Networking. Those interested can follow here ---> »Wireless connection drops every few minutes
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