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Gibbstown, NJ

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[X1-X2] X1 Picture Quality

I just got X1 installed an hour ago. So far i'm loving the guide. My question pertains to if the picture quality would have changed at all. Currently on my Samsung Plasma we just swapped the old hdbox for the x1 hddvr box. Same hook ups, same wires, same tv settings. The picture looks "brighter" and a little more crisp...but it could all be in my head. The only thing I can see that MIGHT be different is in the intial setup it asked for the resolution...we selected 1080p/60. I don't remember this option with the last box...could this make a difference? Any help/info would be greatly appreciated...thanks.
The install went well...we got 3 boxes...and the tech acted like we should have gotten 1 hddvr main box and 2 that connect. Instead we got 2 hddver "main" boxes and 1 of the other boxes that connects to the dvr. We setup one to be the "main" STB. The tech was fast and took care of a minor problem immediatly. The box that connects to the DVR (not the "main" one) was "straight from the factory" so it will take about 2 hours to load...but the tech did a great job of explaning the process of what i'll need to do

Schaumburg, IL

Re: X1 Picture Quality

First, is it on the same input the old box was on? Many TV's may have different video settings for each input, and you may need to adjust it to match the old input (or move the box to the old input.)

It's also possible there could be some differences due to the different resolution. Comcast doesn't actually broadcast anything in 1080p, so you can try 1080i and see if it makes any difference.


Bloomington, IN
reply to tomrainking
when you selected 1080p/60 that means that the guide is in 1080p and that all programs are going to get upscaled to 1080p. the only non x1 box that can upscale video to 1080p/60 is the Motorola DCX3501M which Comcast calls RNG200N. I know that because i have the Motorola DCX3501M hooded upped to my toshiba 720p tv and it can handle 1080p/60 because it can do full 60hz.


reply to tomrainking
The answer depends on who you ask & their equipment. To me the X1 picture does look better than previously & I'm also using the 1080p60 setting. This tells the box to convert what it sends out to that resolution. If you're someone who uses a third-party signal processor that's of higher quality than what's in these boxes (or your tv does a better job at converting) then your answer might be different.

Since these boxes don't have a Native pass-through setting (which leaves the original resolution intact) this point is probably moot anyway. With a Native option all conversion could happen after the cable box & presumably a very high-quality converter might do a better job. To me the X1 @1080p60 looks very good on my 1080p LCD display.


Gibbstown, NJ
reply to tomrainking
It is on the same input.
Another issue i've seen is with the audio. I set the upstairs HDDVR as the default dvr, taped some shows, then watched them downstairs. I have a Yamaha Stereo system that everything runs through. When watching the taped shows downstairs I noticed that instead of the normal "Dolby Digital" on front of the stereo it said "PCM". After viewing the taped show every channel said PCM until I went into the settings menu where the audio settings on...and switched from surround to stereo and back...this seems to "reset" the setting back to Dolby Digital...that is until I view another taped program. The taped programs come in Dolby when its live on the same tv


reply to tomrainking

Re: [X1] X1 Picture Quality

Dude X1 is just a branding thing.....Nothing has changed,you have the same comcast service that you had before.The dvr may be better but you still have comcast tv


No, it's not. It requires different STB hardware and software.

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
reply to tigerpaw509
you obviously dont know what X1 is.
I'm better than you!


Gibbstown, NJ
reply to tigerpaw509
How dare you call me dude, sir. I guess you're right. Other than the hardware and software...it's pretty much exactly the same.