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[Outages] Been without Teksavvy Cable Internet since July 18, 20

It's very strange I (CID[removed for privacy -- fourboxers]) have been without teksavvy cable internet since 18-July-2013. I've had a few issues before and of course Teksavvy has been great, especially when you consider they just provide vendor management and really can do anything when the Rogers DNS servers go down. This to me is a major outage since it's been over a month and school is about to start so my kids will need internet for homework...

I have told them so many times, that someone has disconnected everyone in my neighbourhood (Markham - 9th line & hwy 7) and so Rogers was by everyday around the end of July & early August to hook up many of my neighbours. Near as I figure this, a few houses got sold, someone must have been bored or something, and so needed work and disconnected all sorts instead of only those required. Of course Teksavvy has their processes to follow and this box issue is not really theirs, but since they sent me a new modem, tried to provision it, have all the modem and log information, but never seem to get a hold of anyone at Rogers it's getting really frustrating. so much so that I'm looking for forums to complain now.

Anyway if anyone knows how to get in touch with a director of service delivery or technical services or even the Teksavvy CEO, please let me know, as I'm sure they can call a peer at Rogers and get this resolved.


Brampton, ON

Re: [Outages] Been without Teksavvy Cable Internet since July 18

You should remove your CID...


Cambridge, ON
reply to Vic Mendham
Post here in their direct forums »TekSavvy Direct



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reply to Vic Mendham
Poke around these forums for awhile -- TekSavvy has been totally overrun and their customer support team can't help anyone.

Feel free to try the direct forum or their customer support twitter, as those are the only ways to actually get someone on the phone, but all they'll do is tell you it's Rogers' fault and hang up on you.

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East York, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed
I doubt they just "blame rogers and hang up" I never had that happen.. They will hang up if you are uncontrollable and yelling and screaming which is their right. IF it's RF or DCHP, yes it's ROGERS and only ROGERS to is to blame. At this point though, the OP has been without service for over a month!!!! This is at the point MARC needs to be involved and demand ROGERS fix this no excuses.

There is just no excuse at this point.

Marc is on here, and hopefully will respond, but post in the direct forum asking to speak with him.. He's normally very good about this. But this is one case, that needs immediate results. UNACCEPTABLE for Rogers or TSI or whoever to allow this to go on anymore.