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New to FIOS and MOCA

Forgive me if this has been answered already, I just haven't found it yet. I think my question is simple, but don't want to miss something. I have the FIOS router downstairs connected to NAS devices as well as the tv. I want to put an Airport Extreme on the 3rd floor and connect it to the Actiontec MOCA Bridge ECB2500CK01 and still broadcast a wireless signal. I want to ensure devices that connect to the APE wirelessly (or wired) are able to see the NAS devices connected to the FIOS router. I assume I can designate the APE as an extender, rename the SSID to what I have on the FIOS router and all is good?

Appreciate the assist.


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All is good. Just connect the Airport Extreme to the ECB2500. The ethernet port on the ECB2500 will be an extension of your existing LAN.

You will want to configure the Airport Extreme in bridge mode, so that the the port you connect to the ECB2500 is not treated as a WAN port.
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Thank you. I think I have. To be clear, I plug the Ethernet coming from the MoCA to the same port I would plug the modem into? As well, I assume I am "creating a network" vs. "extending a wireless network" in the AE settings?

Thanks again.