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[Price] Comcast 3play cost more than Electricity, Water and Gas

I looked at my bills for a year period, Comcast Triple Play Preferred XF, DVR as initial box which even gets discounted, two other outlets/HD boxes, one digital adapter, phone and Blast internet. $230 a month.

Cable, Internet and Phone cost me a few dollars more per month than my bills for Electricity, Gas and Water in a three bedroom 2000 sq ft town home.

What can I do to bring down the cost without reducing services?


Bloomington, IN

Re: [Price] Comcast 3play cost more than Electricity, Water and

ask them if there is a promotions you can have. i believe there still is the digital preferred discount available. also ask if you have hd and dvr free for 3 months because that can reduce your bill as well


La Vergne, TN
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I've found when you call in, to get a good deal, go through the phone prompts to cancel service. It gets you straight to retentions. Once you get someone on the phone, be nice, friendly, and sound a bit "needy" for help.

Earlier in the year I did this. I got a 6 month promo for Preferred HD, 2 premiums, Blast internet, Anyroom DVR, 4 HD boxes, Streampix, modem rental for $107/month plus taxes.

2 months ago, i renegotiated at the end of my promo because I dropped internet(I got Fiber through TDS).
I now have Preferred HD, all premiums, Anyroom dvr, 4 hd boxes for $75/month plus taxes. 6 month promo.

Just call and ask.

Quakertown, PA

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Re: [Price] Comcast 3play cost more than Electricity, Water and

You must be in a area where electricity is cheap. Because my double play cost a hell of a lot less than my average monthly cost of electric alone. Instead of looking at the negative i try to look at the positive. The positive being that 10 years ago i paid the same for my phone service alone as i pay for my double play now. 10 years ago i paid 85 bucks a month plus fees for phone service. Today i pay 95 for internet and cable tv.. In other words i dont expect to keep driving a cadillac at the cost of a volkswagon. Sure i could get all the extras and run my cable bill thru the roof, but i choose to keep things as reasonable as possible. Our money is worth roughly 50 percent less now than 1998. So you can expect to have some decisions to make. My electric cost about 120 a month, I have only cell phones now and i dont have a water or sewer or gas bill for that matter. Bottom line is i dont think its that the rates got raised but the economy in general that makes things seem more expensive. As long as uncle sam keeps printing money to the tune of 85 billion a month expect the trend to continue. Its not that comcasts rates are going up its the simple fact our money is worth that much less. Just look at the international exchange rates to see. The american dollar is worth roughly 50 percent of what it was worth in 1998. Dont buy into what the government is trying to sell that chicken is the same as steak because it isnt. Bottom line is make you decision on what you are getting today because that steak isnt going to be any cheaper tomorrow.


James Creek, PA
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Re: [Price] Comcast 3play cost more than Electricity, Water and

My triple play price went up last month again now to $209 a month.... but it's still a lot cheaper then the alternatives, but that doesn't mean I am happy about the price...

When I signed up it was $99 for 2 years, 3rd year it went up to 149, last year it went up to 209... in 4yrs that is a pretty big increase (even though the 1st 2yrs were promotional)

but right now water costs me $50 a month, nat gas about $20 - $222 depending on the month (winter is the high end, summer low) electric is $79 - $190 (winter lowest summer highest)


Weirton, WV
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my electric for my apartment is usually $80 to $120 depending on month but Comcast is $190 every month.

Comcast Guy

Harrisburg, PA
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Like I used to tell customers all the time: Cable and Satellite TV are luxury services. They aren't a necessity like electric and water. If you think it is too much, don't subscribe.


Gibbstown, NJ
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My first thought was that you must not have a central air conditioner...or maybe you're just not fat and out of shape like I am and need the AC cranked...lol. My parents live around the corner and have had virtually the same setup as us for years. Same phone service, same internet, same cable/premium channels. Our bill is almost $65 less than theirs. The bill is actually hard to figure out when comparing due to promos and what not...I chalk it up to the fact that my parents don't call and "complain" when things go bad. They tend to deal with a faulty modem or stb rather than call. I call whenever I have a problem thats an inconvienence. For instance we would lose service on all 3 the same time everyday for months. When my wife was pregnant I called and said that it's potentially dangerous because her doctor uses our house number to contact us. I did this in the most professional way I could...they didn't "hook me up"...they understood that it was unacceptable to have frequent lapses in service and allowed me to purchase their service at a promo rate. They are reasonable people...it's not about badgering them or yelling...those won't help. If the service is fine and your not able to dish out that high of an amount every month explain to them the situation and ask if a promo could be applied so you don't have to drop service all together.



Re: [Price] Comcast 3play cost more than Electricity, Water and

Most AC units today (newer ones) have dual stage compressors and when the unit runs on low stage, the electricity used is very little, actually you can barely tell a speed difference on the meter when it's on and the meter is spinning. It only kicks up and spins quick when the compressor goes into high stage. So, it's very easy to have a low electricity bill with an efficient AC unit like that. If you have an older unit 8+ years old and you use it heavily in the summer, it's probably eating you alive in terms of operational cost. When you get ready to replace it, spring for a bit more and get a dual stage compressor unit outside.


Tucson, AZ
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Once you break the habit, there is a whole world out there you have been missing.
TV is a drug....

Newtown, PA
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PECO's rates are high. I recently signed up with an alternate provider for roughly .075/kwh for three years.


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Re: [Price] Comcast 3play cost more than Electricity, Water and

It was not a question of not subscribing because I don't want cable, phone and internet. TV is part of Americana and the method we get it is now through cable. I said I'm satisfied with my service, but not the price. Plus I don't have the highest tier of services, I'm in the middle.