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[INTERNET] Question regarding switching

Currently with TSI, but as the have, in a sense, non-stop bungled anything I could call tech support, I was wondering about switching.

I am currently on the 45/4 profile, though only can manage 28 to 30/3.7.

I have the proper modem, decent router. When connected to the modem directly, speeds seem to get worse (not sure how that happens, as I have cat6 and new cabling). I have been trying to get help with this for the past month, but seems that they can't really help me with rogers, saying it's always being rejected as my stats are fine...

Anywho, I had the 28/1 and speeds would NEVER drop below that, and connection was stable. Now, not so much.

What would be required to switch over to you guys? IE, best way to get a connection without lost days.

Also, what are the chances of actually getting 45/4, seeing as TSI is unable/unwilling to provide or help with?
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cheapest possible way but will likely involve 24 hours of downtime (maybe a bit more) is to do a free transfer to Start using the same modem. you need to cancel your TSI order and get them to provide a confirmation of the cancel from Rogers, Start needs 10 days notice before your activation date to get it done for free. Because the modem is already 'active' on Rogers the switchover won't happen the same day the modem gets deactivated, usually there's at least a full day (24 hours) of downtime.

the next step up in cost is to do the same thing (free transfer) but get a rental for 1 month ($5) so that the service can be moved to the new rental the day you want your service activated. you'd then have the service switched back to your modem once it's deactivated and send the modem back (might have to pay postal fees, not sure).

to get it done without any transfer or modem hassle, order it now and pay the $50 install fee and overlap both services, you'd need a rental too or another modem, but as mentioned above send the modem back once the other modem can be used.