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Satellite Questions

My wife is active Navy and we are being relocated to very remote location known as Coleville, CA. I have been researching every option available to me and it seems that Satellite is my only option, unfortunately.

I spend a lot of time on the internet. I watch a lot of movies. I download a ton and I am a heavy gamer. With that said, I have heard that 3g/4g and ISDN would be the best options for rural/remote areas for gaming where DSL and Cable aren't available. ISDN seems like it would be next to impossible to get my hands on although it would be my first choice as gaming is something that I really don't want to give up. Even if it isn't as reliable or fast. 4g is obviously not available and apparently I am in a 3g area but every company that I have contacted has told me that my area looks very spotty. One company even told me to not waste my time with 3g in my area. After a stressful past few months I think I have come to the realization that gaming will have to be put away for the 3 years that I will be there and Satellite will be my only source of internet.


WIth Satellite appearing to be my only option, it seems that Schat.net is the local provider and the best option. I was wondering if any of you have ever heard of this company and could tell me anything about them, good or bad.

The package that I plan on getting is $79 for 2mb/1mb with 50gb data monthly. Does this sound like a good deal to you guys or can you suggest something better?
I currently average 120gb a month of data but as I said earlier, I download A LOT! I imagine I would be able to cut back enough... hopefully...

Are these speeds fast enough for me to stream Youtube/facebook videos comfortably? Or will I experience lots of delays like stop and go, etc...

If you guys could tell me any information at all, it would be appreciated. I apologize for the long post I guess I wanted to get all of this information in because deep down I hope someone gives me all the answers and tells me ISDN is available in my area or something, haha. Thanks for reading and I appreciate all responses!



That does not seem to be satellite. It looks like a WISP. That's a wireless internet service provider. It's like a large WiFi area, or cell phone coverage, but it's signal does not come from space. Which is better for you. You may still be able to play games. 50gbs is a real good cap. Facebook will work fine, you won't tell much difference surfing the web. YouTube, who knows it's YouTube. Low resolution videos should load without buffering, but HD.....no.
Ask a few people how well it works for them. If you get good feed back, go for it. If it don't. Then look into Excede or Hughesnet. I think they are the only two satellite providers left. Excede has a free night time download time, but they both have very low anytime caps. But you can buy more data if you need it.
Hope this helps

reply to Gotendo

Yup, Schat.net is a WISP. So they are not a satellite service. If their network is well managed and not oversold, you could get a pretty decent ping. On the other hand, if it is poorly managed and oversold, you could get a pretty awful ping. You would have to talk to people who currently have the service and see what it is like. If it works well, you could potentially game on that connection.

ISDN is getting very hard to purchase. But at only 64kbps or 128kbps, it's not all that useful anymore either. 3G is pretty awful for gaming. T1's are still useable, but they can be very pricey and only deliver ~1.5 Mbps.

Something you may not have considered is using schat.net for gaming (if it proves to be viable) and using something like Exede for your downloading. It won't be cheap to have two services, but it could give you the data allowance you need. Exede only allows for 10GB per month on their bottom plan, but they have 5 hours of unlimited downloading like saturn35582 mentioned during the night. You can get quite a bit done in that 5 hours. Game downloads, software updates, video downloads, etc. But only Exede5 appears to be available, so that can be a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes it crawls at slower than 5Mbps and sometimes it can be faster than Exede12.