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Camrose, AB


My wife and I are thinking of buying a new house and upon inspection I noticed Ethernet running into the house. It's a brand new house in a very new neighbourhood and telus has chosen ETTS as its information medium. Is ETTS the same as EPON? And is there any advantages or disadvantages in comparison to a GPON setup? Thank you in advance for any replies.

Prince George, BC
ETTS is for apartments.... fibre to the building and ethernet to each suite or apt.
Gpon is for houses.... fibre to the individual buildings and ethernet from the connection point to the rooms etc

pretty similar
I may work for, but do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of TELUS Communications.


Camrose, AB
Thank you for the reply Jammerman! What's interesting is that all I could see coming in was a cat 5 cable from the conduit on the side of the house. Maybe the fibre was hidden.

·NorthWest Tel

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Is this CAT5 coming out of the ground, or into the house?

Is there a box on the outside of the house, that this conduit goes into? It's possible they installed a GPON modem on the outside of the house, and then ran ethernet from the modem into the house (if it's a larger box).

If it's a smaller box that looks like just a normal NID, they probable ran CAT5 from the NID to inside the house. CAT5 isn't only used for ethernet, it's commonly used for POTS/xDSL too (pretty much all new houses are being wired with CAT5 in the walls for the phone wiring, very rarely is CAT3 used anymore).

In some developments new houses are going in and no fiber is being put in the ground, only copper. This is the case for the subdivision my patents live in. New houses/streets going in, all copper.

So just because it's a new house in a newer area doesn't necessarily mean you will get GPON, ETTS, or anything other than xDSL.


Camrose, AB
Thank you for the response TheMg, the cat 5 is definitely coming from the ground into a conduit. It's just hanging there and is not actually in the house yet, I believe I originally said it was and I was mistaken. In fact there isn't even a telco box on the side of the house yet. There is a large green box closer to the street by the sidewalk so maybe it terminates there.

You may be right that its connecting to a copper network but it seems unlikely as my co-worker lives a couple streets over ( an older part of the neighbourhood) and has single mode fibre going right to his house. Telus wouldn't build out fibre to one part of a new area and switch to copper for the even newer parts would they?

Are you sure it isn't a dual cable? Most new neighbourhoods (including mine) have a single cable that is Cat5e with 4 strands of single mode fiber. When Telus terminates it, they leave 12-16 inches of the Cat5e coiled up inside the NIB and terminate 1 strand of the fiber. I've noticed that Shaw has also started running orange conduit instead of coax direct.

edit: It's not Shaw themselves but the developer on behalf of Shaw.


Camrose, AB
Thanks for that xeonic, I'll have to take another look at it; you may be right. Thanks for all the replys guys! It's been informative to say the least.