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New York, NY

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer [Spoilers]


Don't look if you don't want to know. They show you a lot in its ~4:30 run.

Apparently, The Walking Dead resumes Oct 13, 2013.

Miles To Go
Far Rockaway, NY

Re: The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer

Seriously, if these people still can't secure that prison they should all just kill themselves and be done with it.

New York, NY

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I don't nearly have such a harsh view on the prison and their stay there in part simply because,...

In the books the prison was a noteworthy location but they moved on. Much like the farm before it in the TV series their stay was extended almost beyond reason in comparison with the books,....

The reason they didn't move on in the TV series is because they diverged from the books in key points resulting in a bland unfinished no resolution open ended conclusion to the Governor conflict. That which was easilly some of the most powerful moments in the books was anticlimactic and timid in the TV series.

New York, NY
reply to Octavean

Re: The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer [Spoilers]

My interpretation of the trailer is fairly strait forward. There are new faces suggesting that the core group have fortified their numbers. This is most likely accomplished with the former Woodbury population since this lends continuity with respect to where they left off the season.

They have modified the prison somewhat but despite this they keep losing people. They are most likely under attack by external covert forces and possibly internal as they may have taken in some people loyal to the Governor.

The accumulation of walkers at specific points around the outer fence as well dead rats at said points and dead animals found further out suggest that walkers are being lead to the prison,…….by someone who aims to weaponize them against the group.

This is likely someone that has a grudge possibly the Governor since he no longer has the numbers to attack openly.

Its probably not Morgan (Lennie James) but since he is out of his head its not impossible.

It looked like someone was breaking into the prison or areas of the prison judging from the way Rick was examining doors / doorways.

The opening scene at the "Big Spot" super store was likely just a supply run (baby formula, meds and stuff).

In the books there was this great part where Tyreese was trapped in a room with a large number of Walkers and just a hammer. IIRC this was during the initial push to clear the prison and they all thought he was dead. When they went to retrieve his body they found that he had held his own and was still alive. In the trailer though it doesn't look good for Tyreese being surrounded by all those walkers like that.

At the end of the trailer the radio massage, in a woman's voice, was as follows:


Those who arrive,….