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Wake Forest, NC
reply to nonymous

Re: How CentryLink has made my life hell

please take time to read the forum instead of blindly attacking the user...

he's already stated its fiber, that he watched the tech "fuse" (splice) the fiber outside his home... he even provided the make and model of the WAN ONLY gateway centurylink gave him.

If he's dealing with the same CL residential idiots that I've been dealing with then he's not getting help.

My advise, escalate to vice president of the company. Nothing is worth losing your job over, and you do not need a business account to telecommute.

Centurylink told me no fiber available for me, except that it actually IS available to me, its in front of my house (orange and white fiber poles).. and it serves a FTTH rollout a block from me. You know what centurylink were happy to do tho? Charge me $550 a month for 10x10 FIBER ... the same fiber that doesn't exist. This company is NOTORIOUS for horrible customer service and aging products. I can't wait until the TW telecom merger, if it does indeed happen.


Phoenix, AZ
The TW Telcom merger was back at the end of 2012 and no word since, so i doubt it's going to happen. Plus, TW Telcom uses TWC backbone afaik, so that'd be no benefit as that would most likely be phased out.

Honestly though, if he really does have the FR1000z, then just escalate to the local area manager about it and see what can be done, or like i said just call "order support". they can push just about anything through manually when you're nice and ask for things.

If fiber is really there, then someone can most likely easily push 100/12 to him if he really wanted it (or 80/40, 40/20, 40/5, etc. for that matter).