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[Southeast] fios router fw updated, youtube now slow

I used to use the old workaround that was in the TWC threads to drop the caching servers for youtube. Worked great until I updated my fw. Now even trying Google's public dns, and opendns no luck!

I ran a tracert and it appears to go through alternet which then goes through a caching server that majes youtube speeds horrible.

changing DNS servers does not work and rejecting or dropping the packets on the new youtube caching server now blocks and wont load any videos. Ran fiddler2 and google sends some response back about a P3P error.

Only thing so far thats temp worked is clearing the youtube cookies and using a foreign youtube domain ext .. ex .fr .es etc. It will redirect to youtube.com without storing a throttling cookie.

But If you go back to youtube.com without going to the foreign domain ext it will store the throttle cookie.

anyone have a permanent workaround? I dont want to use a VPN

Sorry if anything misspelled typing on mobile phone.


I had blocked some of the IP ranges from tracert that hopped through alternet and it worked for a while. After a few days, back to square one and even though the ips are blocked/dropped/rejected its still somehow shaping the traffic through them!