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[Need Info] Great deals for new customers; existing customers le

looks like RCN Boston has some really great TV+Internet bundles these days. They just wont offer those to existing customers, who end up paying atleast $40-$50 more for far less features.

Has anyone been able to get RCN to support long time customers? Is it time to be an ex-customer?


Bethlehem, PA

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[Need Info] Re: Great deals for new customers; existing customer

You won't get anywhere by pointing out that teaser rates are lower. Teaser rates are simply the nature of the industry. They also make it difficult to drop any core services (like phone or Signature TV). You can drop small things like set top boxes, or wire maintenance.

If you can drop your service for 60 days you can reapply. But while that is easy with TV, it is more difficult with phone and internet. You can roll over to satellite, but that gets more difficult. Satellite internet is expensive and poor quality. Many people feel that it should be last resort option only.

I have always felt that the cable industry makes this problem by the way they release information. If they would release their subscriber fees for cable, and they would post the figure on the bill, and then line item their cost for the pipe, then the teaser rates would be easier to stomach by the existing customers.

Instead they take the tactic of eliminating all line items (including equipment rental) and putting one single fee on your bill. Without line items people can't call up and try and cut the service they don't want. But it makes them annoyed when they see the teaser rates.

This household rolled Internet and voice phone into the cable TV roughly 8-10 years ago when I wasn't here. But in 2009 it was still analog. Today the bill is lower by $15 than it was in 2009 but we have far more service. Faster internet, commercial free TV stations, TIVO, and more Video on Demand. If you torture yourself with the teaser rates you will be in distress forever.

$40 for 25 Mbps plus local TV with 2 Digital Converters & modem
$80 for 25 Mbps plus Signature TV with 3 Digital Converters & modem

So logically, they are giving a $10 equipment credit for option 1, and $15 credit for option 2. If they would let you spend the money on HD set top boxes, a router, or a TIVO box set top box according to need, that would be fairer.

So it would amount to the same prices if they charge
$10 customer fee for first year, $18 second year, $24 third year
$10 for 25 Mbs internet
$5 for cable modem
$5 for local TV
$5 per digital set top box (standard definition)
$35 for cable TV commercial channel plus music

but they don't want to charge that way because you might pick and choose what services you want.
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